Is Quick Note free to download?

Yes, Quick Note is free to download from on the Mac app store.
In the free version you can create upto 3 notes. For more notes you can purchase the Pro version

What will I get after purchasing Quick Note Pro?

You can create unlimited notes after purchasing the Pro version. In free version you can create upto 3 notes.

Is Quick Note Pro one time purchase or subscription?

Yes. Quick Note Pro is one time purchase now and forever

I have two macbooks. Can I access the notes from one macbook to other?

Yes. You can do so by enabling iCloud sync in both the macs

How can I download the app on iPhone?

Quick Note is only available for mac os. It's not available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

What formatting options are available in the app?

Quick Note supports basic markdown formatting
For headers size use one, two or three # character at the start of line
Single # will make a large header. You can add more # character to create headers of small size. Max 3 # characters are supported
Bold: Put ** character around text to make it Bold
Italics: Put * character around text to make it Italic
Code: Put ` character around text to code format
  1. # Welcome to Quick Note

  2. This demo note is created to demonstrate the text features supported by Quick Note

  3. ## Markdown

  4. Quick Note supports basic markdown like **bold** and *italics*
  5. It also supports `code` format

  6. ## Float on top and Translucency

  7. You can choose to keep the notes always **on top**. This feature can be made permanent from Preference.
  8. Translucency can enabled to get the *context* of app in the background

  9. ## Quick Note Pro

  10. Quick initially lets you create few notes to get an understanding of its features. If you are happy with the features you can buy the **Pro version** to enable unlimited notes.